Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Is 1 Month Old

Can't believe that baby is already 1 month old. Seemed just like yesterday I was hurrying her to pop out of the womb. She is getting big fast. Her 1 month checkup had her weighed in at 4.3kg. Her legs and cheeks are filling up. No more "chicken legs". Yup, that was my nickname for her the first few days. Her face is changing. We don't quite notice it because we see her everyday. It's more noticeable to church friends who see her once a week.

Okay, so here is a list of "stuff" about babyK at 1 month old:
  • The first few weeks, she liked to poo-poo into fresh diapers. Daddy's wallet cringed every time that happened.
  • She cried the first few times she bathed. But now she likes the water. She will just relax and not make a sound.
  • A few times she peed into the towel after bathing. Then Mommy got smart. Now after I take her out, I will make the "shee shee" sound and most of the time she will pee. Only after that do I wrap her with the towel.
  • I think she can recognize who is mommy. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.
  • Likes to be carried. Which baby doesn't? Daddy is enjoying carrying her while she is still so small. No, we are not scared that we will "spoil" her. I'm a firm believer that if baby needs the security, then we must provide it. They don't need to learn "independence" as a baby. That's not what they need.
  • Vomits milk quite a lot and quite often.
  • Likes sleeping in the baby carrier. She feels more comfortable in an inclined position rather than flat on her back.
  • Siblings like to kacau her and wake her up.
  • One way to put her to sleep is to stroke her hair.
  • She has a "sleep days" and her "wake up" days. One day she will sleep a lot, and the next day her big-big eyes don't stay close for long. But she's really good at night and will pretty much sleep throughout. Even if she wakes up, she doesn't cry. You'll just hear lots of grunting... trying to do "big business" I guess.
  • Stomach is a bit gassy at times. When she gets cranky, I lay her on her back and do "fart exercises". You can check you tube for massages and leg exercises to help baby get rid of wind. BabyK don't really fancy the massages. She enjoys the leg exercises more. It's really simple. I just take both legs and move them up towards the stomach and down while singing "row, row, row your boat". After a while, she really does fart. Hehehe.

Traditional "ang ku" kuih for full moon celebration

Of the 4 kids we have, she is the only one we threw a full moon party. Biase? No lah. It's not that we love her more. Everything we do depends on the wallet. Some parents feel that what they do for one, they must do for all, if not there will be jealousy. For example, if one kid has a special ordered birthday cake, then all the kids must have one too. For us, we explain to the kids that it depends on their luck. If daddy's economy is good, they get "stuff". If not, too bad. So, we are fair and equal in a different sense. "Fair and equal" doesn't mean getting the same things. It means for every child, the decision whether they "get" or "don't get", depends on the same factors - daddy's wallet and the current situation :) Makes sense?


  1. Happy one month to baby ... she is cute ...

  2. Lian..she is sooo cute n pretty...
    Happy 1 month old...

  3. 1 month already! time flies...and she is a cutie!

  4. She is adorable! Congrats Lian!

  5. Happy one month Baby K. She has big beautiful eyes!

  6. Lian, she is really, really, truly.....beautiful. Must've been sent from Heaven up above.

  7. She is beautiful. Her eyes are really captivating hearts.

    HAPPY ONE MONTH OLD to baby.

  8. a&a'smom24 October, 2009 14:36


  9. Congrats... how time flied. It's like I know you were pregnant yesterday and today the little baby is 1 month old now.

    Btw, she is cute...


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