Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby is 6 Weeks Old: Reflux?

Managed to catch her smile. Precious.

I almost have babyK's sleep and wake routine down. She sleeps most of the night and wakes up between 6-7am. She is most alert and wide awake after her evening bath. Her bedtime? You could say she waits for me to go to sleep before she goes to sleep too. It's quite funny really.

I've been wondering if baby is having reflux. She does spit up milk quite a bit. Her sister describes it as "bursting into milk." She hiccups a lot and will sometimes cough when drinking milk, like she's choking. Earlier she had some cranky days. But she seems to be better now. No excessive crying. There's no back arching either. She's not a big drinker. Her feeds are fairly short.

Maybe her case is not so serious. She is growing well. She put on 1 kg in one month.

Went to the doctor for check-up today and I raised some of these concerns to her. Here is a brief rundown of our question-answer session.
Doctor: Does baby poo-poo everyday.
Me: Sometimes she does and sometimes it's once in 2 days.
Doctor: That's not good. Baby must poo-poo everyday.
(Really? I thought it was normal that some babies do "big business" only once every few days.)
Doctor: Does she feed well?
Me: I feed every 2-3 hours but she doesn't drink too long.
(Actually, I don't really keep track of how often I'm feeding baby. I'm feeding on demand. But I think it works out to every 2-3 hours.)
Me: I'm afraid that sometimes she drinks too much, she will vomit more.
Doctor: Oh no, you cannot do like that. If she don't drink, then her stomach will be gassy and she will vomit more.

Doctor's conclusion: My baby not getting enough milk.
My reaction: HUH? NOT ENOUGH MILK?
No lah, I didn't say that to the doctor. That reaction I keep to myself. I think I gave the doctor the wrong impression. She must think that I'm denying my baby of milk because I'm scared that baby will vomit. Actually I'm not. I let her drink as much as she wants and as often as she wants. I don't pull baby away from the breast. Baby is usually the one who decides she has had enough and lets go.

Anyway, I kinda find it hilarious that the doctor said my baby is not drinking enough milk when she is clearly gaining weight and getting chubbier. However, I do hope the "bursting into milk" incidences will get less.


  1. T2 used to splitter and gag and spit up too but it seems to have stopped now. It just went away now that she's older. I figured it happened when let down was fast and sometimes, she just had too much wind when we didn't burp her enough. Don't they grow so fast!?!

  2. Good to know that you have learnt her routines.. I find it disturbing to put my son to sleep at night.. after that he sleeps well. He too does spit out some milk.. which happens when I don't burp him enough or when he has had too much milk..


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