Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby is 8 Months Old

Baby is now 8 months old. She didn't put on much weight from her last check-up which was about 2 months ago. She's now 7.8kg (up 300gms). I often wonder how some parents get their baby to finish 1 bowl of porridge or cereal. My kids were never into porridge or cereal; And this baby is no different from her siblings. Don't look like she likes meshy food. She would rather chew on an apple. I've had some success giving her tiny pieces of bread. I bought some sweet potatoes from the store yesterday. Gonna try my luck with those.

Her favorite game: Peek-a-boo.
We play this 2 ways.
1) We put a handkerchief in front of our face. She will pull it down. Sometimes she tries to put the handkerchief in front of our face. Unfortunately her hand coordination is not too good yet, so the game doesn't quite work. But it's amazing coz' you see her intelligence growing and she's trying to communicate.
2) We hide under the blanket and she comes looking for us.

She is standing.
This is her favorite position right now. You'd think babies liked to be carried. Well, not quite anymore as this little girl will wiggle and wiggle till you put her down. Once or twice I caught her letting go of her support. "No baby, you're not steady yet. Maybe next month okay."

She's trying to imitate our speech.
The only way to get her to stay still when I'm putting on her diaper is to play "Round and round the garden, goes the teddy bear." Recently, I've heard her say "wow wow wow" when I do that. Also, grandpa often takes her to the door and asks her to call "Rabbit!" So funny to hear her calling for the rabbit. (Yeah, we're so unimaginative that we have no other name for our pet rabbit).

Play is the main agenda of the day.
Play = exploration. She is always looking for things to explore. You look at her face and you can almost hear her brain cells clicking away. The siblings are also enjoying her more now.

Well, that is babyK at 8 months old.

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  1. Hi! BabyK is adorable!! My Baby O just turned 13 months and she seldom gets porridge for her meals. Instead, we try to do the Baby-Led Weaning method on and off. I'll steam some small carrot sticks, sweet potatoes and broccoli florets (there are many other food options) and leave them on her high chair during mealtimes for her to pick up and put into her mouth. Helps her explore and practice her pincer grasp too!

  2. that scrap of your baby is really beautiful!


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