Friday, May 14, 2010

A Flying Whale?

D1 just burst into my room babbling about how D2's whale is flying in the air. What? A flying whale? Ok, let me clarify what's going on by showing you the picture of the "flying whale".

Disappointed that it's really not a flying whale? Actually, the "flying whale" is D2's bicycle training wheel that is somewhat damaged and so, is up in the air rather than touching the ground.

This is the conversation about the flying whale.

D1: Mommy, mommy, D2's "whale" is flying in the air.
Me: What? D2's got a whale? (Of course I know what he meant was "wheel". I just wanted to pull his leg a little).
D1: No, no, his "whale".
Me: Yea, you said "whale". I didn't know he had a whale. Wow, where is he keeping it?
D1: No, I said "whale" (getting exasperated).
Me: Yeah, I know that's what you said - whale.
D1: I mean the "whale" that can roll.
Me: Wow, he has a whale that can roll. That's fantastic. I want to see it.
D1: NO. The... (he was going to say the word but stopped to think)
Me: The what?
D1: The TIRE.

Hahahahah. Of course I eventually taught him to say "wheeeeeeel" instead of "whale".


  1. Hahahahaha. Your kid is so hilarious!! Kids say the craziest things sometimes, and we can't help but laugh our hearts out. And, we love them more each day. :-)

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  3. Flying "whale" ... you got me there

  4. Edie:
    Kids are so crazy sometimes, which is great for us adults who need a break from seriousness once in a while.

    Blog Tactic:
    You didn't really think a whale could fly did you? Hehehe.

  5. Haha this was so funny! I love it. Sometimes you just need to laugh.


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