Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Heart Dropped When I Saw This

Every evening, D1 goes bicycling with his dad. Day before yesterday, he came home with this face.

Waaaa! Can you imagine how I felt when I saw all those cuts and bruises on his face? My heart dropped. As I was cleaning him up, I couldn't help going "aiyoh, aiyoh, aiyoh". DH of course told me to "cut it out" as it was making D1 feel more miserable. The worse part is, I couldn't put any plaster (bandaid) for him. If you know my son, bandaids have a miraculous way of making his injuries less painful. Later I was out in the garden cleaning out the fish pond, I could hear him upstairs screaming and crying away as his father dabbed iodine on the wounds. I think his screams could be heard by every house on my street.

You must be wondering "what happened?". Well, we suspect one of his bicycle brakes (the back one) was not working very well. So, when he pressed the brake, the front one worked and the back one didn't. Hence, his bicycle tipped forward and he fell forward on his face. Listening to him tell me the story of what happened, I think he may have been following too closely to his dad. That is why he suddenly braked.

Anyway, thank goodness he didn't break any bones or sprain any muscles. Thank goodness he didn't get hit by any other cars or bike.

This incident reminds me of one day long ago, when my mother came home to find my brother lying on the bed, bruised and injured from a motorcycle accident. I now know what she felt at that very moment.

  • Make sure your kids bicycle is in good working condition.
  • Get bicycle helmet and knee pads (that's on my to-do list).
  • Teach them some road rules and signs.

What were some heart stopping injuries your child encountered?


  1. OMG, that looks painful, ouch! Thank God he's not badly injured. On the hind side, that's part of growing up. I've had my fair share of falls from the bicycle when I was little. In fact I fell a lot from the bicycle when I was little and injured myself pretty badly too.

  2. Health Freak Mommy: Ya, I guess we've all had our share of growing up injuries. My DH said "it's ok, he's a boy".


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