Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Do You Wear To Sleep?

Are you a pajamas person? I used to be. When I was growing up, I used to wear those cotton 3/4 pant pajamas. They were very comfortable, especially for our hot weather. I haven't been able to find those kind of pajamas nowadays. The ones I see at the store are all long pants. I did find some that were selling online at womens pajamas. They call them cropped pants. This online store has lots of varieties to choose from: flannel, thermal, footed, cotton, chemises, lingerie, silk and satin. I didn't even know there is such thing as moisture wicking pajamas. Sounds like a good thing though coz' the weather these days is soooo hot, you sweat like crazy. They also have couple matching pajamas, but I doubt my husband is the "let's match pajamas" kind of person. My kids on the other hand would jump on the idea of matching pajamas with each other or with me.

When I was studying overseas, I indulged myself in a pair of silk pajamas. Ooooh, they felt very nice on the skin. They were my favorite thing to wear when I was home. Yeah, pajamas were not only for sleeping. They were for lounging around the house too.

When I was pregnant, I wore caftans to sleep. It was comfortable as there was lots of room for the big bump. Plus, it was nice and airy. Good for those hot nights (I mean weather kind of hot okay).

Now that I'm back to breastfeeding, its t-shirt and pants for pajamas. Very boring if you ask me. I think I would like to get back to women's pajamas. I don't know. Maybe it's the relaxed feeling you get when you change into some nice comfy pajamas at the end of a looooong day. Don't quite get that feeling with t-shirt and shorts. I guess I'll have to add "buy women's pajamas" to my shopping list. Hope I find some nice ones to choose from. Silk again? Hmmmm..... something to consider.

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  1. Thanks for the link, I love women pajamas.


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