Friday, May 14, 2010

Cheap Children Books

Just a heads up that BookCloseouts is having their "Smart Start to Summer $0.99 Sale". Yeap, they have selected children books that have been discounted to 99 cents! This is ending 26 May 2010. Don't miss this opportunity to stock up your home library.

Just to make sure I have it clear, this is 99 cents in US currency. If you are Malaysian, don't be disheartened. It is still a good deal if you convert to RM. But I would advise that you buy in bulk to make it worth your while coz' you have to spend on shipping. 2 things you can do:
  1. Combine order with your friends
  2. Buy more with the intention to sell, either to your friends, online or at a weekend bazaar.
I used to get some books from here when I was running my 2nd hand online bookshop. You can get some very good selections at very good prices. Definitely better than some of the books you get locally here in Malaysia.

I've been borrowing some children books from the library at my housing area, and it is very disappointing to see the low quality of English in some of the books. The English is downright terrible in some of the locally published books. For example, there was a book about how a boy got sick after getting caught in the rain. He changed his shirt but was still "a little shivering".

Anyway, back to the book sale, do take a look and see if any of the 99cent books appeal to you. Just click on the affiliate banner below.

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