Friday, November 04, 2011

Art Ideas For Kids

Last week the kids had a 1 week holiday. I didn't want them to be on the computer or TV the whole time and so, had to think of something to keep them busy. Thank goodness I found this website called Art Projects for Kids. The owner of the blog is Kathy Barbro and she's an art teacher. She shares her art projects that she does with her students.

Many of them are simple enough for my kids to do. I like how the projects teach the kids art concepts too (and she tells you what it is). You can follow what she does or use it to spark an idea. It is a wonderful website if you need art project ideas for your kids.

Got the idea from Contour Fall Leaves.I had the kids pick leaves from the garden, trace it and then draw the contours. Gave them options of coloring the contours of each leaf in different tones of the same color or choose 2 contrasting colors.

This idea borrowed from Kathy's Warm Hands project. Learned a bit about warm and cool colors.

Introducing Van Gogh with Sunflowers, Up Close & Personal. Learning how to draw sunflowers and pictures that go off the paper. You can learn how to draw sunflowers from this guy: draw sunflower video.

My kids seem to like doing it. Of course I had to sit with them and supervise. With my 4 year old son, I sometimes had to help him do the coloring. He also needed lots of encouragement to keep him going. I believe doing art helps to develop patience and focus. Not forgetting it helps little kids to develop their fine motor skills too.

We are looking forward to many more art projects. Here's another website that we are looking at: Mrs. Picasso's Art Room. I really appreciate her tutorial on how to paint a tree in her Sparkly Tree's project.

  • To encourage kids to do art, create a mini art center for them in the house. Stock it up with crayons, color pencils, paint, paint brushes of different sizes, glue, etc....
  • Teach kids how to clean up after they are done, or else you'll be a grouch every time they ask to do art.
  • Display their completed art projects proudly.
  • Do it together with them. This is one of the biggest motivator.
  • Mistakes will happen. 
  • Their art doesn't have to look perfect. It's a time for learning.
  • Many things can be done to get our kids away from the computer and TV. First, mom must learn to get off the computer herself :)
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  1. Love the idea. But I guess it's true that I need to logoff from my computer and get involve with the children.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful site.

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Yup, the computer is not only a distraction for kids but for mothers too :) Hope you enjoy the art website with your kids.

  3. Kids can unleash their inner artist by brushstroking their way through some creative painting projects. It's also a great past time for them.


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