Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Don't Risk Your Child's Safety With A Counterfeit Baby Carrier

Despite a campaign to raise awareness of fake baby carriers over the past two years, an illegal and dangerous trade in counterfeit products continues in Australia via online auction sites.

Counterfeit copies of the popular ERGObaby carrier have been offered for sale on online auction sites and authorised Australian and New Zealand distributor Babes in Arms is trying to stop these products reaching unsuspecting consumers and endangering babies.

Babes in Arms director and mother of four, Anita Lincolne-Lomax, sources the best baby slings and carriers from around the globe to build an expansive babywearing range that promotes a baby’s natural desire for closeness, but solves a parent’s need to be hands-free.

“Safety is a paramount consideration for parents when they’re buying baby products. These baby carrier copies are very convincing, and even the most discerning buyer could be fooled,” Anita explained.

Parents are being deceived by the counterfeits, buying the products at a price only marginally lower than the genuine product.
  • The counterfeit carriers possess a few qualities that customers should look out for:
  • The carriers are not covered by product warranty or insurance
  • They will not have been tested for safety standards and are not likely to comply with US lead-free criteria
Most importantly, they are made with inferior materials and parts – particularly the buckles, which can lead to breakages and drops.

“The people responsible for making the counterfeit ERGObaby carriers are preying on parents who want to nurture and care for their children and who are trying to save money by buying discounted or second hand goods through auction sites’, Anita said.

“Babes in Arms has given many parents across Australia the opportunity to hold their babies close within their loving embrace and be able to balance their needs and that of their babies with our wonderful range of babywearing products,” she added.

This is the season where baby carrier sales go up as people buy the products as Christmas gifts. Parents often research baby carriers and are very selective about which products they buy, but caring family members who aren’t as educated about such issues sometimes buy them as a gift. Raising awareness about legitimate and genuine products is important for the safety of babies.

“It’s distressing that people are, in good faith, buying what they think is a wonderful and safe product, but find they have been duped into buying these terrible copies,” Anita said.

Anita offers a message to all parents and families looking to purchase baby carriers: “We strongly suggest that people only purchase ERGObaby products through authorised ERGObaby stores and distributors, and not through any auction sites.”

La Stella Blu Baby Carriers

In a pram-dominated culture, Babes in Arms has successfully raised awareness about the ancient wisdom and benefits of babywearing that promotes a peaceful start to life for new parents and their babies.

As an industry expert, Babes in Arms is both a national product gateway and an educational resource for parents, retailers and health professionals alike.

For local authorised ERGObaby stockists in Australia and NZ, go to or call 1300 725 276.

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