Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Home This Christmas

As the end of the year draws nearer, most families will find their expenditure sky rocketing. The holiday season is quite demanding on the pocket. Some people ring up huge bills buying gifts for families and friends. Hopefully you will be careful not to go into debt and end up struggling the rest of next year to pay off your purchases. It is wise to save money where you can, and decorating your home for the Christmas season is one area that you don't have to spend a lot of money.

Here are some ideas for you:
- Use items you already have around your home. Repurpose your old Christmas decorations. You may be able to create an entirely different look in your home by using many of the decorations you already have. For example, instead of hanging the wreath on your front door, use it as a center piece. Place a glass hurricane globe in the center of the wreath, fill the remainder of the wreath with glass ornaments and then place a scented pillar candle in the middle of the glass globe.

- Fill your home with scents that are associated with Christmas. It could be cinnamon from an apple pie, nutmeg from pumpkin pie or evergreen. You could also fill a Christmas basket with glass ornaments in red, green and white. Add some pine cones, cranberries or other aromatic items. You can use these aromas to help your family have pleasant memories of the holiday each year.

- Don't waste the Christmas cards that you receive. You can display them in a fun and exciting way. Hang a garland of popcorn and cranberries across the doorway or over a mantle. Using clothespins, hang the cards you receive on the garland.

- Dress a teddy bear in a Santa suit and place it on a sled. If you have white fabric, spread it around the tree and then put the sled on top. Arrange the fabric to make it look like snow. You can use other toys to decorate around your tree.

- Make your own Christmas tree ornaments. You can do it using salt dough. It can be a fun project for the kids. Not only will you end up with free, personalized ornaments but you'll be encouraging your kids creativity as well. I'm sure you're finding ways to occupy their time too right?

- Hang paper snowflakes. This is very easy to do and so much fun for kids. Stick them on the windows or hang them from the ceiling.

This is what my kids and I did to decorate our home for Christmas. They loved making and hanging the paper snowflakes. The kids are asking for a bigger tree. They are growing taller and so the tree looks small now :)

If you have a easy and cheap idea on decorating your home for Christmas, do share it here. I would love to hear your ideas.


  1. I always wish to have a Christmas tree, but still not buying any. Your kids' snowflakes look wonderful.

  2. Great ideas! We too have the snowflakes hanging in our dining room...they look great! I am a new follower.

  3. Sheoh Yan,
    Once you have your Christmas tree, you have to get the presents to put under it too. Be ready to spend. Hehehe.

    Thanks for following. The snowflakes really make your home more festive doesn't it?


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