Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chinese Chicken Curry

My DH requested that I make some chinese chicken curry.

Chinese curry? Indian curry? Malay curry?

What's the difference? I'm not really sure. I guess the spices are different?

Anyway, I went to the market and asked the man who sells curry spices if he sold the spices for chinese curry. He said "Yes". I was ecstatic. I asked him to put together one pack for me. I continued to ask what were the spices used? His answer..... "That's a secret".

The "secret" spices for chinese curry. Let's see who can figure this out.

I was actually quite surprised by his answer. But I guess it has to be a secret or else people won't go back to him to buy it. Anyway, this is how my chinese curry turned out.

I didn't put any cinnamon, star anise or cardamom. No curry powder either. Blended shallots, garlic and ginger. Added my FIL's chilli and also coconut milk (santan). I think I threw in some lemon grass too.

Does it look any different from Indian or Malay curry? One thing though, it tasted good.


  1. Your chinese curry chicken is good to go with nasi kunyit....

  2. yummy, definitely good to eat with nasi kunyit..

  3. Yvonne and Angeline:
    Good idea. Must do that next time.

  4. Your Chinese curry chicken looks really good. What race is the man who sells you the curry spices?

  5. this sure looks good! Not sure about chinese curry, but i feel that Indian curry (from roti canai shop) and Malay curry (fr nasi lemak stall) as a big different in taste though ;p

  6. Sheoh Yan:
    He is Indian.

    Definitely it is the spices that make it different.


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