Friday, November 11, 2011

She Did Her First Cross Stitch

This is my daughter's first cross stitch project. I bought the kit from an online store. I gave her basic directions on what to do and then left it to her to complete it.

She enjoyed doing it and felt proud she got it done. Yes, she made mistakes that needed to be undone. It was a lesson in perseverance.

I tried cross stitch when I was 15 year old. Sadly, I didn't finish the project. I completed about 85%. I made a mistake doing the outline and then didn't bother after that. Maybe I should have started with something smaller.

If you are getting your child's first cross stitch project, start with something simple and small.


  1. I can't remember my first cross stitch. But I'm not good at sewing. Am able to mend buttons, and that's all :p

    I'll get something simple like yours for my girl's first cross stitch and hope she would enjoy it as much as your girl. Thanks for the tips, Lian.

  2. This is cool. I will let my girls try it too in future.

  3. good job ! I started cross stictch when I was 12 and but slowed down recently. too many hobbies.. too little time.


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