Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Co-Creator of Berenstain Bears Passes Away

Are you familiar with the children books called Berenstain Bears?

I have quite a few of these books at home and my children loves it. Jan and Stan Berenstain created those books and the stories teaches values in a wonderful way. Children read about how the Bear family deal with common family problems such as eating healthy, telling the truth, cleaning up your messy room, stopping bad habits like nail biting, sibling rivalry etc....

Well, the sad news is Jan Berenstain recently passed away last Friday at age 88. It is reported that she had a severe stroke. Her husband Stan passed away in 2005.

So, will there be anymore Berenstain Bear books?
Sure there will. Their children will continue to run the business. Their son Mike had been working with his mother as an illustrator. Another son Leo, is a writer and takes care of the business side of things.

Well, I hope they keep those books coming. It is a joy to read and has given me inspiration and ideas on how to handle certain parenting problems.

Rest In Peace Jan Berenstain! And many thanks for the wonderful stories.

One of the best way to teach your children values is by reading stories that promote it. It is not nagging or a lecture. It doesn't attack them. They enjoy the stories and when you read it over and over again, the lesson will eventually stick in their head and heart.

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  1. Ai Lian, luckily I bought a few Berenstain Bears story books from you last time when you ran your Valuebookstore online. My kids, especially the elder one loves it very much.


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