Friday, February 10, 2012

Say Yes or No to HPV Vaccine

In 2006, the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine became available to help prevent HPV infection. In other words, it is to help prevent cervical cancer. Sounds good right? Who wants to have cancer? If we can prevent it, surely we would. BUT, there is more to know before you give it the thumbs up.


This is especially important for Malaysian parents who have a daughters that will turn 13 years old one day. The Malaysian government is going to provide this vaccination to all Form One students. This programme started in 2010. It is conducted in schools. There will be three doses altogether, administered separately at different times.

According to Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, the HPV vaccine that will be provided is for HPV type 16 and 18. This type of HPV account for up to 70% of cervical cancers worldwide.

How safe is the HPV vaccine? Of course it has done a lot of good. It is proven to have reduced cervical cancer by 70% BUT we cannot discount that there may be possible side effects and adverse reactions.

The VAERS or Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System helps the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) in the United States to closely monitor the safety of HPV vaccines. As of June 22, 2011, there were a total of 18,727 reports to VAERS on adverse events after HPV vaccination. This means of the 35 million (approximately) doses of vaccine distributed in the US, 0.0535% had an adverse reaction to it. From that number of VAERS reports, 92% were considered non-serious, and 8% were serious. What does it mean by serious? It means the person was hospitalized, is permanently disabled, has a life-threatening illness, has a congenital anomaly or died.
Okay, so you may look at the numbers and say, "Hey, it seems to be doing more good than harm". That's true. BUT what if your daughter happens to fall in that minority group? You can't predict if she will or will not. We're talking about girls who took the shot and then experienced paralysis and seizures. Their lives changed forever. Take a look at this video and tell me what you think.

 Here's another video you might want to look at: HPV VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS EXPOSED

So moms and dads, what do you think? Will you say yes or no to HPV vaccination for your daughter?


  1. I've read about cons and pros about this vaccine, too. Not sure how to respond to it. Part of me is approving the vaccine, another is rejecting.

    I myself haven't had the shot yet....

  2. there is always side effect in any vaccine...
    as for me...i have already taken the jab during the promotion deal and so far no side effect till this current moment......

  3. I understand there are 2 brand in the market, one is Gardasil and the other is Cervarix. I have read from the internet a lot of side effect on Gardasil while the advantage of cervarix far outweighs the previous. Please visit www.cervarix. blogspot. Com where a doctor in kl has taken the creation of awareness as a personal crusade. You are able to contact the doctor by email for further information.


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