Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sale On Children's Learning Materials

I don't know if you've heard of CurrClick. It is a website that sells curriculum and you'll find all sorts of learning materials there such as lap books, printables, unit studies etc....

Well, I got a whisper telling me that they're having a sale right now. It's a WHISPER SALE and so, it's a little hush hush. They only tell it to a few special people and we get to tell it to people we think are special enough to know :) The sale is on a secret page on their website.

Since I consider all who come to my blog very special people, I'm going to tell you where that secret sales page is...

To qualify for the discount, you must add items to your cart FROM THE SPECIAL SALES PAGE.
The sales end on 16th February 2012.

You can whisper this sale to someone else.
Happy shopping.

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