Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Playground Game called Rape Tag

Do you know what kind of playground games your kids are playing? Well, some parents in New Ulm, Minnesota found out their kids were playing a modified version of Freeze Tag, called Rape Tag. The rule of the game was that you had to say "Rape" instead of "You're it". You get points for touching certain parts of the body and you had to be humped to be unfrozen.

Watch this news report.

Well, you can't really blame the kids. They are being creative. Unfortunately, culture has desensitized them to such atrocious acts such as rape and sexual assault.

  • Know what games your kid are playing. 
  • Don't be too harsh if you find they are doing something inappropriate. Don't over react. Explain in a calm manner why it is inappropriate.  
  • Teach your children what are inappropriate touches and actions.
  • Teach your children that it is not okay to touch other people's private parts. It is also not okay for friends to encourage friends to do so. Tell them to report to you if such things are happening. Let them know they will not get in trouble if they do so.

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