Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do You Have A Confession Mom?

I came across this article titled "The Secret Lives of Moms: 10 Funny Confessions". It's a list of different moms confessing to their parenting "sins".

No matter how perfect we try to be, they will be times when we let our guard down or choose to close one eye (or maybe both) on certain situations. Some people read the confessions and are appalled. Some read and smile an empathetic smile.

Every mother has challenges, fears, anxiety, frustrations and struggles. We deal with it the best we can.

SOOOOOO... would you like to confess? Let me share some of mine.
  • I've compiled a playlist of videos for toddlers on Youtube . They are videos to keep my little 2 year old occupied while I prepare lunch. So yes, I use Youtube as my babysitter.
  • If I'm reading to any of my children and I know they aren't paying attention, I will skip lines and maybe pages. Why waste time reading to the wall :) Sometimes they catch me doing it though. Which is good coz' then I know they are listening.
  • I wait until my kids are asleep before I help myself to goodies like ice cream and junk food.
  • I threaten to throw away their toys (or whatever) if they don't put them away... but I don't have the heart to do it coz' it's like throwing away money. I don't know if I can be like that father on Youtube that put bullets into his daughter's laptop. 
  • I reprimand my kids if they don't bath in the morning but sometimes, I get so busy doing house chores I forget to bath too.
Okay, what are some of your mommy confessions?

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