Saturday, June 09, 2007

Funny Faces

I'm usually taking pictures of the children smiling, trying to look cute or something. Well, decided to do something different this time. Told them to give me a silly face.

THIS is their silly face. Aiyoh, so kayu. They didn't know how to make a silly face. One just open the mouth and play with her tongue. The other one just open mouth and laugh and laugh and laugh. I think we need to work on our 'drama' skills a bit. Next time maybe I'll ask them to give me a scary face, see what they come up with.

How about you, what silly faces can your children come up with?


  1. Hi--gee, they're really going to have to work on the silly face thing (smile). Now if you told them you wanted to see how wide they could open their mouths ...

  2. My fav funny faces are when my children stick their faces flat on the car window--they really look like pigs, hahaha.

    By the way, what program do u use to make those scrap-book-like pictures?

  3. Hi, i counld said my boy show a funny face to me, when the time he wana 'poo-poo'. hahaha silly face yet !!

    btw, thank u for dropping by my blog.

  4. i love to catch my gal crying, but now she is bigger, so when she catch me taking her photos, she cry even louder !

  5. Nice blog Ailian. Full of parenting info, well done!!

    Maybe you should teach them to make silly faces in front of mirror. Perhaps they will start to compete who make the most SILLY face. ;)

  6. The new parent:
    Yes, there is much work to do. Hahah.

    Singapore girl:
    Must try that one day. I use photoshop to do the scrapping. I get loads of freestuff from and Just sign up for their newsletter.

    Anggie's journel:
    Yes, they always have a funny face when they need to do business. Helps us mommy know when to rush for the potty.

  7. Chinnee:
    Yes, I also take those photos. Actually, I video some of those moments so I can blackmail them later. Hahahah.

    Thanks for the compliment. You know, there is something about kids and mirrors... they always find opportunities to look at themselves. Especially in the car. They love my rearview mirror.


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