Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get Reviewed

I was blog hopping the other day and came across Dani's blog called "lonely day in Lonely Hurts". Just by leaving 3 comments and answering 4 questions, you get a FREE review and a chance to win a brand new iPod shuffle.
He has already done the review on Mamasbagoftricks, so I'm on my way to getting that iPod.

Of course, I'm NOT asking you to join in his little offer. My goodness, why would I want more competition to win that iPod? So remember, don't join okay, DON'T JOIN!

p.s. : You wouldn't happen to know anything about reverse psychology would you?)


  1. Hi L--ok, not going there (wink). But, if I should go ....

  2. Na, I wont go...

    Nice page though! I dont have kids yet. In fact, I dont even have a SOMEONE to produce kids. Ahaha~~~~ just joking. But I am interested in parenting when the time comes XD

  3. I won't go mind is telling me not to go.... DON'T GO !!

    BUT Hor, how come my hands are so incoperating.... ;p


  4. My comment yesterday didn't appear leh....and I've forgotten what I've written. Anyway, you've been tagged :-)

  5. Halo you ahve been tagged, in fact it's my 1st tag to you hor? :)

  6. Hi Lian--just wanted to let you know I've linked to your blog from mine. Thanks for putting a link here (smile).

  7. I tagged you and do find the time to indulge in it...hehehe


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