Friday, June 22, 2007

I say again and again...

They say children learn through repetition. And so, this is what you hear almost everyday at my house (usually in the screaming mode):
  • OI! I'm talking to the wall ah? (Even the kids have learned to use this phrase)
  • No playing with water. You have 5 minutes to bath... (after a while)... are you putting soap yet?
  • Don't play so rough, someone is going to get hurt... (usually followed by) See, when I say you don't want to listen. Now you get hurt, you come running to me.
  • Oooooi... too noisy, too noisy.
  • Aiyoh, look at this mess. Clean up, clean up. You guys like living in a rubbish dump ah?
  • You have eyes to see right? (referring to papers and what not left on the floor)
  • Oklah, I guess this is going to the time-out box. (Things that are not kept in their proper place will be put in the time-out box. The kids can't take them out until they do something good to redeem the items).
  • It's late, calm down already. Stop running around. Go do something quiet, like reading.
  • Don't wake up your baby brother ah.
  • D, stop moving so much. You're like a 'cacing' (worm) you know.
  • K, can you please turn on the bathroom light for your brother.
  • Finish your food pleeeeaaaase. How to grow? Junk food you can eat so much. Good food don't eat so much.
  • Yes lah, yes lah, 'loyar buruk'. Usually directed at Koko-D coz' he have answer to everything. (loyar buruk = lousy/crooked lawyer, usually used for smart mouths).
  • Yes Boss. Usually directed at Jie-jie K coz' she likes to tell everyone what to do, including her parents.
  • Keep your hands and legs to yourself (to control the fighting).
  • Enough both of you (also to stop the squabbling).
  • Nooooo, don't put that in your mouth (directed at baby).
Even with all that repetitive screaming, the best repetition comes at night.
"Good night, I love you".


  1. still single, not yet marry.. will definitely use this tip..found your blog through the star online.. I'm writing blog too.. feel free to leave your 2cent when visiting my blog Lonely hurts see you around..

  2. Exactly the same things I "screamed" to my kids wor....:D the "cacing" part, my version is " you like a "tung" (cacing in hokkien) ah?" even my girl used that on her brother. And the loyer buruk too. haha...

  3. hehe i say those everyday especially the part "eat .. how to grow" .... really headache.

  4. I too say some of the things here to my gals, like "am i talking to the wall", "see, never listen to mummy, now u fall and you are running to me crying". Sometimes my words can be rather harsh, esp at the heat of the moment.

  5. hahaha hilarious... but i know it happens in households everywhere across the world. makes me wonder if we had the wrong kinda training. should've enrolled in military school back then to better prepare us for this mommy job, eh?

  6. Hi Lian, this is jade. Remember me?? the golfer too. ;p hahhaa
    anyway, just found out bout your Blog, it's amazing for a mommy.. so high tech! ;p oh.. by the way, you sound a lil like the "BABY BLUES" comic strip mommy wiht all the 'NOOOOooo.. don't do that', 'eat your veg'. ;p heheh


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