Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I had something to do and so I asked the kids to look after their baby brother for a sec. When I walked into the room a few minutes later, I saw this little face peeking from in between his bro-sis. They were all sitting on a bolster playing motorcycle :) And the little bum squashed between his siblings looked like he was having fun too. They all looked so cute like DO-RE-MI. Hahaha.
Thank you 'jiejie' and 'koko' for being such good babysitters. Hope you guys are always this close and have more good times together.


  1. so sweet .. this is so call brother and sister.. and the didi look cute in between kor kor and jie jie..
    This is very loving to see bro-sis being so well 2gether... but if fight ing among them... will be ..... ?? :)

  2. anggie's journel:
    Yes, when they fight I always ask, "who's the cat, who's the dog?" That's why must catch these precious moments when they are enjoying each other's company.

  3. Hahaha... such candid snapshot. Danic is so round & cute.
    I like ur scrapbooking pix.
    Hey, one day, u must teach me scrapbooking or blog about how to start scrapbooking.
    And oh btw, i tried the singing method to distract my crying brats, it worked!

  4. so nice your scrap. i always lazy and use back the same old templates, with mix and match, has been long since i download the scrap, must do it again:)


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