Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tips for a Clean Table

Have a messy table?

Here is a quick solution:
Put a 5-6 month old baby on your lap as you sit at the table. Within 5 minutes, everything within his reach will be polished with saliva before being swept right off the table. Ta-dah... a clean table!

Unfortunately now you have to clean the floor. Sigh!

p.s. Have you heard of the "elevator" game? Baby drops/throws stuff on the floor, you pick up, they drop/throw again, you pick up again... WARNING: Side effects of this game are backaches, dizziness and irritation. Best to not play at all. Stay alert and don't let yourself be pulled into this game.


  1. Lian, i totally agree with you, hahaha!!!

  2. BB Danic has grown so much. He has lost some bb fat, and still looks very adorable. Looks more like kor kor now.

  3. haha.. good trick! Ur son is so cute!! : )

  4. Lian, lets do an exchange. I'll hire your baby to clean my tables and you can have mine to play the elevator game with yours. They'll love picking up and handing things to baby just to have them dropped again. In fact, they'd probably squeal with laughter. And they don't have old achy bones like we do. Hahaha.

  5. Good one Lian! btw, your review is out.. come and check it.. please proceed with no.3

  6. mummy to qiqi:
    Looks like we have something in common.

    health freak mommy:
    Yes, he has lost some of the bb fat. He's weight gain is slowing down. But his legs are still like "tu kah".

    Yes, must look at the funny side of things sometimes to keep sane :)


    Your children like to pick things up? Okay, they're hired!

    Okay, on my way there now.

  7. Haha.. Zaria is the same.. her favourite game now is THROW..

    Except things that she's really interested to have in her mouth like her cold teether.. every thing is is taste and then throw!

  8. a&a'smom29 June, 2007 20:24

    Hehehe, look & that cute, adorable & chubby face!!!

  9. your boy is cute...and sure melt your heart..inc me too...

  10. haven't been visiting blogs lately and i see that Danic has grown a lot ... wow! time really flies huh. He chubby also ... on BM i suppose ... so cute. :)

  11. u sure table cleaner? depending on their tastebuds according to MY experience :P


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