Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Updates

We finally got around to cutting babyK's fringe. It is no more poking into her eyes but they are also no more wispy looking. I'm bummed about that. She looks so different after the cut. Just goes to show the influence of hairstyles on a person's look. Yeah, I know she still looks cute:)

This is like one of the best milestones for baby. Errr... actually, best milestone for mommy because when we go out shopping, I don't have to carry her that much anymore. She can sit on the shopping cart. Such wonderful relief for my achy arms. However, she's not that steady yet. She will sometimes throw herself backwards. So we still have to kinda support her.
Oh, and that toy musical box she's playing with... that's her sister's. K got it for her 1st birthday. It was a gift from my brother. Can you imagine? That toy has lasted 8 years, through 3 different kids. The battery hasn't worn out and it is still working. Talk about a long lasting toy.

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