Monday, March 29, 2010

Mommy, SNAKE!

We had a snake "almost" come into the house yesterday. We were in the living room when our opposite neighbor came calling to tell us our rabbit had run to our next door neighbors house. Next thing I know, my girl is yelling (with real terror in her voice), "Mommy, SNAKE!" At first I thought she was playing a practical joke on her siblings (like she always do) but I looked anyway and saw the snake curled around the grill of the front door.

I quickly asked my neighbor to back away. Yelled for DH to come down. Like a hero, he came to save the day. He managed to kill the snake with a "cangkul" (hoe). Thank goodness it was a baby snake and didn't know how to retaliate yet. We don't know what kind of snake it was. Definitely not the harmless green garden snake. This one was black.

I shudder to think where the mother is. Or if there are other baby snakes. I thank Heavenly Father that we saw it while it was on the grill door. I'm thankful that it didn't slither into the house somewhere to hide in a corner. I'm grateful my DH was around to take care of the problem.

The rabbit was at my neighbor's house probably to escape from the snake. We tried to coax her back but she wouldn't budge. My neighbor said it looked like she was "menggigil" (shivering). Don't know what the snake was doing at my house. Looking to have a nice "rabbit" dinner or maybe "hamster" dinner? Whatever reason it came to my house, it gave me a reason to stop my son from singing Lady Gaga's song. I said all his "ula ulala" made the snake think he was calling him. Afterall, in Malay, "ular" means snake.

The dead snake in the "longkang" (drain).
Who can tell me what snake is this?

  • Tell your children the story about The Boy Who Cried Wolf. It's not funny when the wolf (or snake) is real.
  • Make everything into an educational opportunity. Time for me to do a lesson on snakes.


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  2. eeewww ... the snake gives me the creeps ... sends shiver down my spine!! Aiks!! since our hse is surrounded by lakes, we've heard of snakes in our neighbour's compound. scary scary. that's y we always close our hse doors.


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