Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby is 6 Months Old

Baby is now 6 months old. Gone is that little baby I once held in my arms. BabyK is getting big. Went for her hepatitis B jab yesterday at the clinic and they weighed her in at 7.5kg.

Gave baby her first taste of solid food. Mixed some rice cereal along with breastmilk. She took it with no problem. I can see she is sooooo ready to eat. No gagging or pushing the food out with her tongue. Plus, she tries to grab the spoon herself. When I'm drinking water, she will try to grab my cup too. Once in a while I've given her plain water to drink. Unfortunately she ends up playing with the bottle more than drinking the water. Nevermind, at least she is exposed to the taste of plain water.

So, what else is this little girl doing at 6 months?
  • Discovered her feet. Feet are now a source of entertainment. They seem to taste pretty good too.
  • Little explorer. Can't crawl yet but she can move around. She will either tumble around or "worm" around on her tummy. In our home office, she's discovered where we keep the recycled papers (right at the bottom of the book shelf). She will constantly "navigate" herself there to rustle, crumple and eat the papers. If not, she will head over to my chair and try to lick it. I really have to keep 2 eyes on her. I need to grow more eyes and hands. An octopus baby needs an octopus mommy, ya know.
  • Likes to put her hands on our face and mouth.
  • Getting sticky. We're hearing more often the "I want mommy" cry.
  • Discovered her voice. It can be pretty noisy when she decides to test out her vocals. A few nights ago I heard her say "Ah mama". I swear that's what she said. Last night I thought I heard her say "nen nen". I'm hoping she learns to say "papa" first. That way, she'll call papa every time she needs a diaper change or a bath or whatever. Heheheheh.
  • Can sit up but with support.
  • Sense of anticipation. I like to play with her "Round and round the garden, goes the teddy bear". When I say "one step, two step", she already anticipates that I will tickle her next.

Chilling out with the BIG teddy bear.

Mama's Parenting Tips
  • Siblings really need to learn NOT to leave things on the floor. Baby puts everything in her mouth.
  • Mop your floor everyday. Yes, when baby becomes mobile, mommy has more work to do.
  • Sing nursery rhymes to baby. You can also start reading to baby.
  • Instead of giving baby a pacifier, give baby a good rubber teething ring. I wish they had Sophie the Giraffe here.
  • Don't give baby juice to drink. They'll get used to the sweet taste and won't want to drink plain water later on.
  • When baby gets sticky, a baby sling becomes very handy.

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