Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funny T-Shirts For Boring Wardrobe

I like wearing T-shirts. It's comfortable and practical for my "work". It is perfect for cooking, cleaning and running around in this crazy heat. However, there are days when I look into my cupboard and wonder what to wear? Most of the t shirts are plain colored. Some have a little design to it. Sadly I admit, my t shirt collection is quite boring.

Maybe it would help to add a fun shirt like Nerdyshirts funny tshirts. The amount of time I'm spending on the computer these days, I could qualify to be a nerd. But no, the t-shirts there are not just for nerds. It is for anyone who wants a break from their boring t-shirts. They have a white t-shirt with graphics that make you look like you're wearing a working shirt with a black tie. They also have movie t-shirts such as The Hangover t-shirts. That one is quite cool. It makes you look like you have a baby strapped to you. New moms probably won't buy that though. They already have real babies strapped to them. Hahaha.

You know, sometimes life gets busy that we forget to laugh. Just yesterday I looked in the rear view mirror of the car and noticed I'm getting frown lines on my forehead. So, if your life could use a little humor, maybe a funny t-shirt will help. Why not take a humor break now and look at some funny pictures.

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