Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chee Cheong Fun

Some days I don't feel like doing much cooking. Ever had one of those days? Heheheh.

Well, I've found a good way to get around those days. My mom introduced me to a lady who makes "Chee Cheong Fun" at home. So we buy from her like wholesale. We call her the day before to put in our order and then I'll collect from her the next morning.

For my family, I normally order 70 pieces of Chee Cheong Fun and that is for 2 meals. Then I'll go to the market to get the other stuff like fish ball, quails eggs. ladies finger (okra), tau foo etc.... The last 2 times I had this dish, I couldn't find the stall that makes the Yong Tau Foo stuff. I was going to the wrong part of the market. Now I know where it is. In the S'ban market, it is upstairs near the florist. Oh, don't go there on Tuesday coz' they're not opened.

Too increase the flavor of the Chee Cheong Fun, it is best to fry some garlic and shallots in oil and add that to the dish.

The lady that sells the Chee Cheong Fun lives in Taman Dusun Nyior. Email me if you need her number. She also gives the sauce and sesame seeds.

What are some dishes you do on days you want to have easy cooking?


  1. Lian, unless u get to buy them at wholesale price. Otherwise buying per piece at 70sen out there will cost a lot in this meal, haha!!

  2. Hi chinnee:
    Oh yea, I was going to mention the price but forgot. She sells it for 35cents per piece. So, not too bad lah. I spend not more than RM45 for the whole day's meal. Still very affordable for my family. Can feed 4 adults and 4 kids.

  3. Hi Lian!

    Thanks for following my blog and commenting on my boy's messy toys around our room! Right now Ben is the only child, so I think when my 2nd child comes along (anytime now...) he's gonna have to buckle up and do his job!

    Btw, I love chee cheung fun! My mum used to make yong tau foo every now and then when she was still alive. Missed her cooking very much!


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