Thursday, August 04, 2011

Homeschool Curriculum on Sale: Up To 75% Off

CurrClick is having their "Back To Homeschool Sale" now.You'll find discounts up to 75% off. The sale is on until 25 August 2011.

This is the time to save money buying homeschool curriculum for your children. I've already bought some for my kids. Some stuff were free.

Here is a list of things I currently got and the price I got it at:
  • The Seven Continents - Speedy Geography - $0.50 (This is now on sale for $0.25)
    It includes vocabulary words, fill-in-the-blanks, fact cards, diagrams (labeled & blank), mazes, and website links.
  • The Five Oceans - Speedy Geography - $0.50 (This is now on sale for $0.25)
    Learn more about the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern and Arctic oceans.
  • Hummingbird Copywork & Fun! - $0.50 (This is now on sale for $0.25)
    Got this because my boy has become a bird enthusiast.
  • Human Body Copywork & Fun! Volume 1 - $0.50 (This is now on sale for $0.25)
    My girl also wanted copywork like the Hummingbird exercise I got for my son. She chose this topic.
  • What Did You Say? Bookmarks Freebie! #1 - Free
    Making bookmarks is one thing my kids like to do.
  • Clouds Mini Helper  - Free
    Very simple lesson on types of clouds.
  • Sayings & Phrases #1-10 [BUNDLE] - $3.00
    This is a bundle of 10 lessons. Each lesson covers 5 sayings. Children learn sayings and phrases such as "Turn over a new leaf", "Get a taste of your own medicine", "The early bird gets the worm" etc...
I figured I could spare some money from my paypal. Afterall, it is for my kids' education. I'm actually very happy. For a few dollars, I got quite a lot of stuff. AND what I buy for the older kids, I can keep and reuse it  for the younger kids. My kids are happy too. They quite enjoy the materials I bought.

There's lots of choices and I'm sure you'll find something fun for your kids to do, not forgetting educational of course. So take a look and don't miss out on this great sale. Just click on my affiliate link below to access all that wonderful discounts.


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  1. I wish I knew about this post about homeschool curriculum awhile ago! I'm homeschooling and I need some really good deals!


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