Monday, August 29, 2011

Tips for your toddler's birthday bash

(ARA) - From gifts to games to yummy treats, toddlers love their birthday celebrations. Planning the perfect party doesn't have to be stressful. You too can throw a memorable bash that will have both you and your toddler jumping for joy.

"This September, Memorex and 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' are throwing a nationwide birthday party for families in celebration of Memorex's 50th year in business," says Erica Danielski, Memorex global brand manager. "To prepare, we've been talking to parents around the country about their toddler-tested tips for a successful birthday party. These are some of the greatest, most unexpected suggestions from parents who know how to throw a great toddler birthday bash. As you plan your toddler's next birthday party, keep these pointers in mind."

* Have a plan, but be willing to let go of it almost immediately. Toddler birthday parties are fun, chaotic and filled with the unexpected. If something unplanned happens, go with the flow. Being flexible means being fun and by doing so, you'll ensure all guests, including yourself, are having a great time.

* Don't underestimate the impact of an inexpensive theme. You don't need to invest hundreds of dollars in a character-driven birthday theme for toddlers to have a great time. Something as simple as a yellow-themed birthday - with everyone showing up in yellow outfits and presents wrapped in yellow wrapping paper - will be a hit among toddlers, who are just learning about the colors of the rainbow.

* Be prepared for picture overload. Make sure to bring extra camera batteries, a battery charger and extra memory cards. Unplanned photos can create the best memories and you won't want to miss a single photo opportunity. Also designate a photographer for the event other than yourself - a family member or close friend will be able to wander throughout the party to get the best photos while you continue to entertain your guests.

* Consider a location outside of the home. Rather than stressing about the mess, take the party outside of your home. Consider having your party at a location such as your local children's museum or indoor playground. Hosting the party in a venue where you don't have to worry about the pre- or post-party mess, will save you time, money and stress.

* Don't just entertain the toddlers. Your party guests aren't just your toddlers' playmates. Remember to plan for parents and older siblings who will be tagging along. Offer activities and food for guests of all ages. Kids usually turn their noses up at any pizza that isn't plain cheese, so order a few pies with unique toppings for the adults. Also, consider pulling out the lawn games for some outdoor party fun.

* Turn the party favor into an activity. Today's toddlers expect a birthday party favor - so why not turn this into an activity for your guests? A birthday-themed arts and crafts project, such as decorating a tiara or superhero cape, will keep toddlers entertained … for at least 15 minutes. After the items have dried, you can send your guests home with a playful keepsake.

* Plan activities that get kids moving. Toddlers are like little bottles of energy just waiting to burst… but if you plan activities that will get the kids moving, you can help them expend some of that energy. The Memorex PartyCube Sound System is perfect for birthday party games, such as musical chairs. It is great-sounding, durable enough to withstand toddler bumps, and features a rechargeable battery for six hours of continuous tunes.

For more information on Memorex's 50th birthday celebration - including the Yo Gabba Gabba! It's Time to Dance! Birthday Party being hosted on Ustream Sept. 9 - visit the Memorex Facebook Fan Page or

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