Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's Going On???

Funny things have been happening lately. In chinese, we would say "Suey" meaning bad luck.
  • About 2 weeks ago, D1 experience very bad pain in his abdomen. Took him to the government clinic and they said it was gastric.
  • Last week, D1 had fever for one night. Then he had rashes the next day which lasted for about 4 days. I thought he was having an allergy, so I took him to the g'ment clinic. They took his blood sample to test for denggi. Thank goodness it was negative. However, the doctor felt that there was a possibility it was too early for the denggi to be detected in his blood, since his fever was only 2 days. So she asked that we come back 3 days later for another blood test. When we went back, they took his temperature and it was 38'C. I didn't think it was right because I know he wasn't having any fever. A mother knows! So the doctor send me back to the nurses who took the temperature and asked that they use the thermometer instead of the forehead strip. Well, the thermometer measured his temperature at 37.2'C. No fever. The nurses put the strip to his forehead again. It showed 38'C. They tried the thermometer again: 37'C. So how? Fever or no fever? Doctor also not sure how to diagnose. In the end, we decided that antibiotics was not necessary and since his rashes had pretty much subsided, we were just going to let it be. Oh, and the denggi blood test was again negative.
  • After D1, K1 got fever.
  • After K1 got fever, grandma got fever and flu. Then it was my turn.
  • Day before yesterday, we took the car to the workshop. They were suppose to change the brake fluid reservoir because it was leaking. We have waited for the spare part for 1 month. They were suppose to sms us when the spare part arrived. We called them twice. Each time they would say "we'll check and call you back". They never called back. So we decided to just make another appointment because the car seems to have another problem. After 4 hours in the workshop, the car is done BUT they still can't change the brake fluid reservoir because they ordered the wrong spare part. So we have to wait again. My DH really, really, really, doesn't like EON now and vows never to buy a Proton again. Terrible service.
  • Yesterday, one tyre was punctured. Probably got the nail at the workshop.
  • Yesterday, I had a call from K1's teacher. This is what he said "Your daughter fell down and may have fractured her leg. Can you please come and get her?" Thankfully, it was just a slight sprain. Phew! Apparently her bag was too heavy and she lost her balance going down the stairs. Took her to the Chinese sinseh and got scolding for not knowing how to speak chinese and not teaching my children to speak chinese either.
  • Last night, D1 got those terrible abdominal pains again. He was already sleeping but woke up crying. Took him to the hospital and we ended up staying a night. Why does the hospital wards have to be sooooooo freeeeezing cold? Plus, it is almost impossible to sleep on a plastic chair. 
These are just a few "crazy" things happening the last few days. Something is not right! We've never had these kind of problems before moving back here. Are we jinxed in Seremban? Or maybe it's the new piano we just got? Feng shui no good? I don't know.

All I can say is..... WHAT'S GOING ON??????

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