Friday, August 05, 2011

My Easy Peasy Spaghetti

My daughter absolutely loves spaghetti. Well, this is how I do my easy peasy but very tasty spaghetti.

Ingredients include garlic, carrot and big onions (diced), tomato (cut into big chunks),1 can of button mushroom (sliced) and 400gm of minced beef.

After stir frying all the above ingredients, it is time to add in the sauce. This is the easy part. Just need a can opener to open the cans: Prego Cheese and Herbs (cheese here is very expensive, so this is a good option), Tomato Puree and Prego Traditional Spaghetti sauce. Add a little water so it is not too thick.

Oh, forgot to mention that I made some "white sauce" in the beginning. Here's how to make a basic white sauce:
In a pan, melt 2 thsp butter. Add in 2 tbsp flour. Sprinkle in the salt and some pepper. Pour in the milk, cook and stir until semi- thick and bubbly. I usually cook this first and put aside. I will then add it into the "red sauce". The spaghetti sauce will then be more like an orangey color rather than a bright red.

Whalla! Yummy spaghetti ready to be devoured.

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