Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday BabyK

Today my little girl turns 2 years old.

I love my kids when they are at this age. They talk cute and do lots of cute stuff. They want to be independent and so are very willing helpers. Just the other day, I called from the back of my house (where I put the washing machine) for someone to bring me the dirty laundry. Who should answer my call? Yes, my little 2 year old runs to the laundry basket and delivers it to me. Never mind it is too heavy for her. She pushed it all the way to the back for me. And the other 3 older kids???? Playing deaf I guess.

She can say quite a few words like "atah" (water), stuck, rice, mess, "chit" (sounds the same of sit and sleep), walk-walk, shtoo (school), "tar" (car), no, yes, "muk" (milk), tatoo (thank you), "pis" (please) etc.... She will say "hug me" when she wants to be carried. Actually, I'm not sure if it is "hug me" or "help me".

She can finally now call me by the correct term "Mommy". Before this I was called "papa". Actually, everyone was called "papa". Now strangers outside the house like the mailman, neighbors and the guy who collects rubbish is called "nana".

We've gone swimming a few times. Initially she was scared and clung to me for dear life. Then she started to enjoy the water and she could float around without me holding her. These days when we go swimming, her favorite thing to do is to jump into the pool. She will do it over and over again. Just take a look at my little miss dare devil. I caught her on video.

My babies are all growing up. Sob! Sob!
So, what are we doing for her birthday? Nothing grand. She's only 2 years old and don't have any friends yet. She probably won't remember it either. Hahahah. After 3 kids, we (DH and I) have kinda wised up a bit. Celebration will be just us, the family. Chicken wings are marinating in the fridge, getting ready for a delicious dinner. I think ice-cream will be on the menu too. We'll also take her to the cake shop to pick out her cake. DH was thinking of a treat at Secret Recipe.

She was practicing her blowing for the birthday candles last night. We sang the birthday song and she would blow before the song finished. We had to tell her to wait. So cute. Let's see if she gets it right tonight.

Well, have a fantastic birthday little girl. Mommy, daddy, koko1, koko2, jie-jie, amah and kong-kong love you very, very much. MUAH!


  1. Happy birthday to BabyK~~ So many September babies I greeted this month :p

    When my son was 2 years old, he was such a darling, same like your lil girl. Lately, with another 5 months to 3, he turns quite monstrous. Every night, I would get complains from his sister about this and that... sigh.

    Kids grow up in a blink of eye, eh? Must enjoy every happy and bitter moment with them.

  2. Being a mother of four, you are definitely wiser than many women. I reckon. Happy Birthday to Baby K.

  3. loan, thanks for visiting my blog. Ur lil gal also born in sept! Wish she have a very sweet birthday and may god bless her.


  4. as long as your lil one is happy, that counts. Happy belated birthday to your lil cutie pie!


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