Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What Not To Do When Planning A Kids Birthday Party

I just had a birthday party for my 2 older kids. They are born in the same month and so, we had one party for both of them.

Initially, I didn't plan to have a party for them. However, my girl said her friends asked if they could come over to celebrate. This is the first year they are in this new school and so, I didn't want to disappoint their new friendships.

Okay, now that the party is over, I can tell you the one thing NOT to do when planning a kids birthday party:
When it comes to kids, they're not interested in eating, they just want to play.

I had 10 kids at the party. Their parents were invited too but they didn't want to come. All of them just dropped their kids off. I cooked spaghetti, fried mee hoon, chicken nuggets, fried crab balls, coleslaw, mash potatoes, a big tray of jelly and 2 birthday cakes. I think they ate only 1/3 of what I cooked. We ended up eating the leftovers the next 3 days.

So, what was the party about?

  • First, they played badminton in the garden. My mom even bought a badminton net.
  • Then they had some food.
  • I organized a game of "pass the parcel". I had them do things like hula hoop, jumping jacks, and charades. Of course I gave prizes too: junk food. Although I don't like to give children junk food to eat, it was the cheaper option. Sorry.
  • The game they all couldn't wait to play: WATER BALLOON FIGHT!
  • They were having so much fun getting wet, I almost forgot to bring out the birthday cakes and dessert.

I actually planned more games but already more than 2 hours had past. On the invitation card, I had the party down from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. So, we asked the kids to dry up and change their clothes before their parents came to pick them up.

Mama's Birthday Party Tips
  • Fill up the water balloons early. I was busy preparing the food the whole day, I didn't do the water balloons until later. My kids couldn't help either coz' they didn't know how to tie the balloons. Plus, the mouth of the water balloons was so small, there was only one tap in the house that could be used to fill the balloons. In the end, I didn't quite have enough water balloons for the kids. It would have been nice to have more. 
  • I had to put some water in the pail of water balloons. If not, the balloons stuck to one another and would burst when you picked them up. 
  • Make clear rules where they can and cannot throw the water balloons. Designate a "war zone". 
  • Remember to tell your guests to bring a towel and spare change of clothes.  
  • Remind the birthday kids to be extra nice to the younger non-birthday siblings. Tell them how tough it can be for the younger ones to see their siblings enjoying the spotlight. 
  • Don't kill yourself cooking tons of food. 
  • If the kids are older, you don't have to organize so many games. My kids were 8 and 10 years old. They seem to know how to occupy themselves. BUT computers are off limits. Yup, they did ask me if they could use our computers. 
  • Expect parents to come late in picking up their children. I had 2 parents come at 9pm. My DH wondered if the parents wanted their children back. Hahahaha. 
  • If you need idea for games, try Printable Kids Birthday Games*
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    1. good thing about that food wastage. really beh tahan eating leftovers for DAYS!!!!!!!

    2. Chinnee:
      Ya, I've learned my lesson well. I don't fancy leftovers as well. The only good thing is that I could take a break from cooking for a few days.

    3. Wishing your sweethearts a beautiful Birthday, may their wishes come true!

      My kids were born in the same month too,it certainly more economic to celebrate both at one time, lol!

      My kids love balloon fights too! Thx for sharing the greats party ideas!

    4. My kids long for a party, but my husband is cleanaholic. It is so impossible for him to allow me to have party at home.

    5. "My DH wondered if the parents wanted their children back", this is hilarious!

      Thanks for the balloon idea, my kids heart those water-blasting moments.

    6. Thank goodness I'm through the BD party planning stage, although I still attend my grandchildren's birthday parties. Sometimes my daughter has them at her house, and we have done McDonald's parties a time or two. The last time we had a party there, they had booked two parties into the party room at once. The other party mom was mad (she came like 2 hours early to decorate!), and our ear drums were nearly split with the noise. I finally went into the restaurant and watched through the glass LOL. Great tips for moms who are looking for activities to keep the little ones busy. Honestly, it seems with kids the less complicated, the better. They always seem to like the box more than the present.

      Wishing you a song in your heart,
      Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss Leslie.com

    7. I never have the guts to organize such a great party for my kids....cos i am a lazy mom. I just cant bear with the mess which i have to clean later on, all by myself.

    8. Alice: Thanks for the wishes. Yes, it is more economic but I'm sure one day, they are going to ask for personal birthday parties. Not looking forward to that day :)

      Sheoh Yan: My DH is also a cleanaholic. Once in a while we sacrifice for them, they will remember for a long time. Hopefully, you'll be able to persuade your DH one day.

      Yvonne: I still have some left over water balloons. The fun hasn't stopped yet.

      Miss Leslie: Oh my. I can just imagine. I would be mad too. Lucky you could sneak outside. Hahahah. And you're right, we tend to over complicate things sometimes.

      Yee Ling: You can do it. Just keep it simple. But ya, the clean up can be tiring if only 1 person doing. Lucky for me I had my DH, and the 2 grandparents to help.


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