Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What Happened To Min From the Barney Show?

My son put on Barney this morning and I wondered what ever happened to the little girl who plays Min. Her real name is Pia Hamilton. Well, if you're wondering too, this video gives you a glimpse of her life now.


  1. Lian,
    was just wondering, your rabbit 'enclosure' doesn't have a floor right? the ground is the floor? do you have to clean it often? HOW do you clean it? I'm contemplating building a pen/enclosure and get pet rabbit for the girls but worrying bout what it'll entail. mind giving me a heads up of the work that it'll might involve. Thanks in advance...

  2. Mom-On-The-Loose,
    Actually, I had a different idea for my rabbit enclosure. Initially I was thinking of a fenced area with a hut where the rabbits can rest. However, my mom went ahead and built the cage. You're right, it doesn't have a "floor". I can't really clean it. All I do is use a cangkul to gather the poo-poo and transport it to other parts of my garden as fertilizer. I did put some planks so the rabbits can be off the ground. But their feet is still very dirty. The only good part about not having a cement floor is that the rabbits can burrow and have their babies. I believe most people build their rabbit hutches off the ground. That way they can stay clean. If I could do it again, I think I would have the ground half cemented and half not. Cement ground would be easier to clean. At least can "sapu" and wash.
    I clean the rabbit cage every other day, if not every day. With 12 rabbits in there, I have lots of "fertilizer". You don't have to bath them. They do self cleaning. So, basically, work is to feed them, give them water and clean away the poo.


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