Friday, September 02, 2011

She Loves To Wash Her Hands

I really have to watch this girl of mine. She is now obsessed with washing her hands. Now that she's a little bit taller and can reach the tap, she is enjoying her new independence.

The good:
I can be a little lazy. I don't have to get off my chair to help her wash hands. I sit on my chair and watch her go to the bathroom to wash hands. Hahahah.
She has learned to be hygienic. She's not walking around with sticky, dirty hands.

The bad:
Sometimes she does more than wash her hands. She'll fill up a cup and pour water into the toilet bowl. Then she gets her shirt and pants all wet.
If she forgets to turn off the tap, we can expect a higher water bill. And the world will also frown on us for wasting water.

But you know what? I'm all for independent learning. Can be more trouble in the beginning, but we got to give our kids some space to learn and explore. That's how they grow.

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