Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Careful When Using Baby Slings

If you haven't heard yet, warnings have been issued on the use of baby slings. The warnings were sparked by the death of a 2 day old baby in South Australia. The mother was carrying the baby in a sling underneath her shirt and jumper. Although the autopsy report doesn't conclusively say the sling was the cause of the baby's death, but it was considered a risk factor.

So now, professors and specialists are sounding the warning for mothers to be careful when using baby slings.The US Consumer Product Safety Commission would like parents to be aware that soft fabric slings have the potential to suffocate a baby, especially those that are 4 months old and below.

Pouch slings, especially, can pose a health hazard if baby is held in a position that blocks the airways. So, the call is for parents to constantly check on the baby when using the sling. Make sure their nose and mouth are not covered.
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  1. Thank you so much for giving this piece of info. I was actually thinking of buying baby sling for my second baby(I have not used this before). Now I'll give it a second thought before proceeding.

  2. Sounds really scary! Never heard of death of babies caused by baby slings. I personally don't like baby slings. Still prefer hand carrying my babies :)


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