Friday, July 13, 2007

Baby Milestones: 6 months

1/2 years old already. My, my, my... time has gone by quickly. Let's take a quick look at what BabyD has been up to:
  • The discovery of feet.
    At first he would just grab and play with it. Now it's considered a food item, just like all the other things he grabs. He makes it look like it's so yummy. Maybe I should have a try too. Baby's feet that is, not my own feet lah. Don't you wish you were still that flexible?
  • Mastered the art of turning.
    He is wayyyy more active now. He turns so effortlessly onto his tummy and back again.
  • Octopus hands.
    Grabs everything in his sight... and so quickly too, much to the distress of dear mommy.
  • Inch-ing like a caterpillar.
    He is always on a lookout for something to grab. He is so adamant that he can actually move his butt inch by inch towards the object of his focus. Really like a caterpillar that wriggles and lifts the butt to push himself forward. This activity is often turned into a form of entertainment for us dear parents as we put things just out of his reach for him to grab. Kinda like a donkey with a carrot in front. I'm sure we will grow to regret our motivating him to reach out for things. It's like encouraging an octopus to grow more hands. But it's okay. We'll sacrifice our sanity for the sake of development :)
  • The making of U-hu glue.
    He is entering into the stick-to-mommy phase. When someone else is carrying him, he will constantly check to see where I am. If I am nearby, he will sound his signal that time's up and that he needs to return to the comfort of my arms.
  • Apprentice in training.
    Baby is always observing what his siblings are up to. His eyes are fixed on them and you can really see him just taking it all in. Scary! You won't believe it but he will sometimes call for his siblings. He will cry when they suddenly leave his presence and be pacified when they return again.


  1. Watching children grow is a wonderful thing in life. I can see how much you enjoy watching him growing up.

  2. I can see ur boy learn up thing very fast... must be very happy and great to see him achieved something news every time.. huh ?
    oh yah... i like ur scrap la .. very nice.

  3. Oh Lian...I knew you were pregnant but totally out of touch after that, but now your baby is 6 mo. I saw the pic in ur avatar, in my comment box, I'm ashamed of myself. God bless you for having 3 kids now!

  4. Hi Lian--1/2 year? Amazing isn't it, how quickly this all happens?

    It's also wonderful to watch and guide them through all their new experiences. Imitating his siblings will be such a part of how he learns!

    So nice to see how he's growing!

  5. Zunnur:
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, better enjoy now while they are still so innocent. Hehehe.

    Anggie's journel:
    I'm glad you like the scrap. Makes capturing the moments more enjoyable.

    Time flies doesn't it? Pregnant one day, then suddenly baby already 6 mo.

    the new parent:
    I'm afraid of the "imitating the siblings" part. If only he would imitate the good things only. But life isn't that rosy huh? :)

  6. Lian,
    U are really good at scrap :) do u plan to print them all out one day?

  7. Mummy to Qiqi:
    Thanks for the compliments (blushing). Actually, I don't consider myself very artistic. Can't draw, can't paint, not good at crafts. Do I plan to print it? Yes, yes, yes. Hopefully I can make a scrapbook for every year. So I try to make at least one scrap to show each month.

  8. I really, really, REALLY want to dig my face into that boy's body!!! He is so meaty! Yum-yum!

  9. Danic is still so cute & chubby. I get so geram looking at his lotus roots. Feel like biting em :D
    The chinese say that if your bb starts to suck his own toes this means a new bb is on the way.....:D

  10. Lian, it is really a wonderful experience to see the baby grow up stages by stages.... beautiful picture you make of your little ones :)

  11. awww, the little one is 6 months old oredi? time flies! i bet u gets happy tears in your eyes everytime u see all the kids group together, eh? so happy for u :D


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