Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Dani over at Lonely Hurts mentioned in his review on my blog that he and his brother kept secrets. It made me wonder if my kids kept any secrets from me. Actually, I wonder if they even know what a secret is. He is an account of my "interrogation":

Me: Do you guys know what a secret is?
K&D: No.
Me: A secret is like when something happened, and you don't tell mommy. Is there anything both of you know but don't tell me?
D: No
K: Yes
Me (getting curious): You have a secret, K? What is your secret?
K: Kung Fu!
Me: Huh? Kung Fu?
K: Yes, Kung Fu.
Me: You mean you have secret kung fu moves?
K: Yes lah.

So, I guess I am safe for now. If her only secret is about her kung fu, I have nothing much to worry about, or do I?
Conclusion: Mama's interrogation tips can wait till they are older.


  1. that's a good one.. kung fung.. they will only think about playing now..
    hopefully there will be no secret on gf soon... love your tricks..

  2. Hi Dani:
    Yes, I guess during their teenage years I would need more sophisticated tricks.


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