Friday, July 27, 2007

Complain, complain, complain

Welcome to the customer service department. Feel free to unload all grouses. Even if we do not speak your language, we promise to show empathy and lend a listening ear. We do not discriminate against babies. In fact, they are our favorite customers.
The above video is an example to show you what I say is true.

Translation of the above conversation:
Baby: What kind of management is this? No service at all.
Me: You are not happy with our service?
Baby: Of course not. I am suppose to be carried.
Me: You need to go somewhere?
Baby: I always need to go somewhere. You know I can't walk yet. You expect me to fly like this?
Me: We will try to do better sir.

Mamas tip:
  • Enjoy your babies babbling because when you know what they are saying, it's not quite as fun anymore.
  • Don't think babies can't have conversations. Talk to them often.
  • Don't scold and nag in front of baby too much. See what he's picked up from me? :)


  1. Hi L--very funny!

    My little one still likes to be picked up. And I don't mind. There will come a day, soon, when they won't want us to pick them up (they'll be too heavy!).

    Good tips, especially the nagging in front of them.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hahaha...this is funny! When they babble, wonder what really goes on in their mind! But their expressions sometimes tell us alot I guess!

  3. TNP:
    Not only they won't want us to pick them up, they would rather spend time with friends then with parents :)

    Yes, they are so full of expressions.

  4. Great tips, mama!
    But it is very hard to not nag and scold in front of the baby leh! :P

  5. Lian, so cute :)
    My elder boy is talking our language now with those 'leh' & 'lahs'. We really need to watch our words cos the little ones are picking up :) :)
    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. ...they really do pick up what we say.

    I know, L, she will want to be with friends. So, I'm getting all my holding her time in now before that happens (smile).

  7. a&a'smom01 August, 2007 20:55

    Hehehe, that's priceless! Look at that expression!

  8. crazymommy:
    Yeah, I know.

    My kids also have the lahs and lehs. Velly the Malaysian leh.

    Good for you pal. I'm sure she's enjoying the cuddles too.

    a&a's mom:
    What an expression eh?

  9. Danic is so cute, trying to talk back to you, haha...aahh, watching this video makes me miss my 2 gals' baby days.


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