Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Language Problems

Here is a funny one for you guys:

I was sitting on the floor with baby on my lap. My leg then fell asleep and started tingling all over -- pins and needles. 'Koko D' comes around and tries to move my leg:

Me: Don't touch my leg. I've got pins and needles.
Koko D: Where got? No. No pins and needles (looking at me like I'm the biggest liar).
Me: No lah. Mommy's leg feels prickly all over like pins and needles poking because Mommy sit here too long with baby on the lap. When you feel like that, you say you've got pins and needles.
Koko D: I see no pins and needles.
Me: Yes lah. I just FEELS like there are pins and needles.

Poor guy. He must think we talk crazy sometimes.


  1. This happens to me before too. I understand what you are conveying.

    It is terrible feeling to have "pins & needles", worst when the kids doesn't understand & lean forward to disturb our "leg".... hahaha :D

  2. Hahaha.... that's funny.
    Whenever it rains heavily, i'd tell the gals that it is raining cats and dogs and Alycia would go "where got dogs and cats outside?".... and i had to explain to her that raining cats and dogs means raining heavily.
    Or sometimes I'll joke with Aly and say "mummy is only pulling your leg lah" and Aly will go "huh, mummy u din pull my leg?" It's fun explaining to them and teaching them though.

  3. Hi L--OK, I hope you don't mind that I'm tagging you.

    SAHM or FTWM?

  4. cute and funny when they try to relate to things the understand...

  5. Hi Lian, this is one of those funny conversation you had with your children. Hahaha.... it so funny, I'm sure you had a good laugh too huh. Next time, he will tell you the same too :)

    Thanks for tagging me, I haven't done it yet...will do asap.

  6. j@n!ce:
    How come they don't get it huh? Maybe they don't sit long enough like us. Heheheh.

    health freak mommy:
    Hahaha. That's real funny too. They really must think we are nuts.

    The new parent:
    Will get to it eventually :)

    Mummy to qiqi:
    Yes, such innocence.

    I've been trying to record these funny conversations. Something to look back and laugh at some day.


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