Monday, July 09, 2007

How To Eat Spicy Food

We've been trying to teach our children to eat spicy food. Only one, so far, seems to have inherited this trait from the father - KokoD. Jiejie K is like me -- can't take so much spicyness.

Mamas tips on how to eat spicy food:
  1. Eat, DRINK, eat, DRINK, eat, DRINK some more :)
  2. Don't scare your child or make it sound like something negative. We are always trying to protect our children. So when there is any spicy food, we automatically sound the warning "*Lat-lat ah. Eat this one instead (give something non-spicy)". Psychologically we already train them to stay away from spicy food. Instead we should encourage them to try. Of course warn them of the spicyness, but don't turn them off e.g. "This is a little spicy, wanna try? I have some water ready."
  3. Don't give up on your first try. If they don't like it this time, maybe try again another time. My kids, at first, didn't want to eat the curry chicken we cooked. Only after many attempts at introducing it did they venture to try. Now they love it.
*Lat-lat means hot-hot in chinese


  1. reading this post of urs really reminds me that I should refrain from say "lat lat" to my boys everytime he venture onto spicy foods... ;p

  2. wah ... the Scrap itself also look 'lat-lat' ...LOL ... nice scrap .

  3. kekeke....kokoD looked so cute trying the spicy food! Your tips on how to eat is very enjoyable! ;)

  4. red colour *lat-lat* scrap! Hey, nice scrap gal too loves spicy nasi lemak and sometimes curry too...spicy will not refrain her from eating, but she will eat, drink, eat, drink...hahaha...

  5. Hi L--some very nice tips! My little one started eating spicy early and loved it. But, recently she is a little more hesitant. She'll still try, but with caution.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  6. j@n!ce:
    It is so natural for us to say it.

    Anggie's journal:
    Thanks. Yes, must make it spicy too mah.

    Hopefully these tips will work on my #3 baby. All my children are like "guinea pigs" for us to experiment our parenting skills. Hahaha.

    Mummy to qiqi:
    Looks like your gal same gang as my son -- eat,drink,eat,drink...

    The new parent:
    My son also does it with caution. He will eat some but not others. Glad to share.

  7. I am also training Tee to eat spicy food. She has Indian blood mah....MUST know how to eat spicy food! She always drama...says too spicy. Yet can eat some spicy stuff, when the mood strikes.

    D looks like he's really enjoying his nasi lemak!

  8. KokoD looked very enjoy his nasi lemak wor...

    My jiejie very hesitate for spicy food, but she can take 'mint' mentos and she loves it! :P

  9. Im also encouraging and training my gals to eat spicy food. Sometimes, i'll just keep quiet and feed them a wee bit of chilli and see their reaction. It all depends on what food that is. If it's something that Alycia loves like curry chicken, she'll keep asking for more though it's spicy but if it's something that she hates, she will close her mouth with both her hands.

  10. very nice scrap. my boy take spicy food too ... he say 'hot hot' then he'll continue taking it ... such a gready bum! :P

  11. Big Pumpkin:
    Yes, I understand the mood thingy. My kids are the same. They have 'moods' for certain foods.

    Not bad she can take mint. Most children can't. How unusual.

    Health freak mommy:
    She also like curry chicken eh?

    Not greedy leh. Endurance! :)


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