Saturday, July 21, 2007

Humor in the Home

During our homeschooling with K, I thought I'd give her something fun. I found this book called Imagination Works! (Grades 3-6) that gives exercises to promote imagination. And I chose to do this:

Assignment = What did the dog say to make the doctor laugh?
Here's the conversation:

Me: So, what funny thing can a dog say to a doctor?
K: I am sick.
Me: That's not funny.
K: How about, there is a boy carrying a tree across the road. Is that funny?
Me: No.
K: Mmmm... you are a dog. Is that funny?
Me: No. How is that funny? Sounds more like an insult.
K: I don't know.
Me: You are so clever to use your imagination when you play. Use your imagination now lah.
K: Everything is funny to children. But not everything is funny to adults.
Me: Hahahahah. Now that is funny.

So, this has turned out to be a lesson for mommy instead -- Everything is funny to children. But not everything is funny to adults.

I tried to explain what is funny by giving her an example, AND I couldn't even think of a joke! Alamak. Where has the humor gone in this family??? No wonder she can't think of anything funny. She has not been exposed to "funnies." Everyday is scold, scold, scold, scream, scream, scream. Sigh!

Mamas tips:
1. Don't forget to practice some humor in the home.
2. Teach your children how to tell good jokes.
3. When you come across something funny, explain why its funny. They might not get it.
4. Watch Mr. Bean (but make sure they don't emulate him).
5. Read funny comic strips together. Maybe put them up on the fridge too.
6. Next time you buy them a book, get one that is funny.


  1. haha....totally agree with you that humour these days is a hard thing to inculcate in our kids.mnost of the time we have to control our nagging, scolding, disciplining....

    And if they start emulating Mr Bean or HOMER!!! BESERK!

    And remember when we were single we wanted a guy with a good sense of humour! mothers of boys now...What are we to do? What are we to do?

  2. Hi L--I hope you don't mind that I'm tagging you. Take a peek.

  3. Hi ann:
    The nagging, scolding, disciplining occupy so much of our time that we forget about humor. Guess it's time to make some changes as it's still not too late.

    I don't mind. Hope you don't mind coz' I'm a bit slow when it comes to doing tags.

  4. LOL!You people sounds very funny to me now. Don't you think that sense of humor is a natural in born thing? Some people have it, some people just can't get it even after trying so hard...:)

    No hard feeling, please. Sometimes, I am just more like a child than a mom! :)

    And, I need to say "Hello, Lian!" cause this is my first time here. :)

  5. oh dear, i couldnt think of anything to put in the dialogue bubble either LOL

    i guess we all need a daily dosage of funnies like we need our vitamins eh? darn, forgot to pop those for a week oredi too :p

  6. Hi Healy:
    Welcome, welcome. Glad to have you here. Yes, humor is an inborn trait. But I believe the environment we grow up in also greatly influences the person we become.

    Hi Keeyit:
    Hope to see you here more often. Always nice to meet new people.

    Cairo's mommy:
    Me too always forgetting to take my calcium. Hate popping pills.
    Hey, me too still can't really come up with something funny for the picture. Anyone?

  7. children can come up with the funniest lines!

  8. a&a'smom01 August, 2007 20:58

    Aiyoh, dont mention Mr Beanlah. My Abilash can watch repeats after repeats all day long, sigh!


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