Friday, July 20, 2007

Rocking Girl Blogger Award

Mumsgather and Anggie's Journal graciously presented me with this award. Backache like crazy but looks like I'm rockin' in other ways. Heheheh.

I'm to pass this badge on but I think many super-duper fantastico ladies out there already been given this. So I must dig deeper. I give this badge to:

1. J@n!ce
2. Momofcairo
3. Big Pumpkin
4. Blur Mommy


  1. I hop over to ask you to read this post (see link below) when I realized that you have awarded the rocking gal to me. Thank You so much :)

  2. :) you r welcome ... cos u r a rockin mum.

  3. Sorry ah j@n!ce and big pumpkin, I was going to leave a comment on your blog about this but looks like you already know. Heheheh. Go do your rockin girls!

  4. TQ TQ for the award! I did it over here : )

  5. wah, very honoured :D
    thanks you *90 degrees japanese bow*


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