Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Band of Brothers

They were so cute together playing on that plastic horse. Baby's feet couldn't touch the ground and so Koko-D held him tight and pushed them back and forth. I can just imagine them many years from now cruising down the road together on a bike with wind blowing through their botak heads. Hahahah. Oops, sorry! Forgot they have to be wearing helmets leh.

B - Best of friends
R - Respect for each other
O - One heart and one mind
T - Together through tough times
H - Helping one another
E - Everlasting love
R - Realize that there is strength in unity
S - Seek out to do only the best for the other


  1. Lian, you must be s happy to see the loving brothers. really a blessing to have such happy and beautiful kids :)

  2. Aw.. the brothers are so close and so sweet for korkor to be helping didi..

    20yrs from now, you tell us if they did the cruising together ok?

  3. How cute. I have two son's that are just a year and three weeks apart. Brotherhood is such a special connection.


  4. Hi--they look like they are so loving with each other (smile)!

  5. This is a super nice scrap , can feel love in each other...

  6. they are so loving and what's more if they can have fun together? didi still chubby and cute lerr... feel like pinhing his cheeks... :)
    BTW, you got tagged!

  7. they look cute together..can't wait till ashley and aidan starts playing together like that..

  8. First time here.
    That's what brothers are for.

  9. Hi everyone,
    It was one of those moments that just needed to be scrapped - the happy faces, sweetness and love.

    Mom to ashley:
    It'll be sooner than you think.

    Zara's mama:
    Wonder if I'll still be blogging 20 years from now. Hahahah.

  10. Like the scrapbook, they are enjoying each other company.


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