Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can You Live Without a Washing Machine?

Did I tell you about the day my washing machine broke down? Well, call me weird but I usually don't do any washing on Sundays. God says the Sabbath Day is a day of rest and so, I figured my washing machine could use a break too.

Anyway, one Sunday I looked over at my mountainous pile of dirty laundry and decided to toss some into the machine. BUT I just had this feeling deep inside that I shouldn't. Stubborn me decided that I was just being silly. And so I made that poor machine of mine skip it's day of rest. What do you know? It decides to break down on me a few days later.

WAAAAH! You can imagine how I berated myself for NOT LISTENING to that still, small voice. My silly superstition don't seem so silly now.

Anyway, I quickly scrambled to look for washing machine reviews
to find a good replacement. Yes, I had to replace it coz' to repair it would have cost as much as a new one. And though I wish I could do an immediate replacement, you can't be hasty when buying such expensive equipment. So poor me had to go back to the old method of hand washing the clothes. My children were considerably nice that few days without a washing machine. They tried very hard not to change clothes too many times. I constantly complain that those little bodies of theirs should not be producing THAT MUCH laundry. Seriously, the majority of clothes hanging on the line belongs to them. And it's amazing how much EXTRA a little baby can contribute to the laundry.

Anyway, the day we went shopping for a washing machine, it was raining cats and dogs. But I didn't care. By hook or by crook, I was going to get a washing machine! We went to several outlets and finally decided to head to Seng Heng. Must say we got a pretty good deal there. I thought of buying the Samsung. But DH said the Toshiba was better. As soon as they delivered the 7.5kg, fully automatic, top loading washing machine, it was put to work immediately.

I mean look at this pile of laundry, how to live without a washing machine?


  1. I can't live without one too. I even have a dryer and I think I am too dependent on both of them now.

  2. then u should send the laundry to the dobi la...help my industry ma! kakakaa

  3. Jo-N:
    Wish I had a dryer now coz' it's been raining and the laundry is piling up again.

    Thought about it but have had bad experience where dobi lost some of my shirts and wouldn't admit it. I'm not helping your industry am I? Kekeke. Sorry maam.

  4. Oh......huggy wuggy...!!! Don't worry, slow and steady wins the race. BIBO.

  5. we are indeed spoiled aren't we!

  6. No I can't live without it. Now I'm doing laudry once a week (small family mah). My own working clothes will soak and hand wash. If the machine can wash tenderly my working clothes I would LOVE that.

  7. Big Pumpkin:
    Cannot slow down, if not the pile get higher and higher. Soon will have to invest in another laundry basket :(

    Kitterman's khaos:
    Yes, so spoiled but I'm not complaining. hahah. Anything to make life easier.

    Wah, I wish I could only do once a week laundry.

  8. yeah i definitely can't live without a washing machine!!!!!

  9. A washing machine and a dryer have become a necessity, not a luxury in this day and age.

  10. I think I also can't live without a washing machine, it's a necessities. Even the modern cloth diaper and cloth mama pad also invented to wash with washing machine... see??

  11. pengsan la..if no washing machine..if some one can create a washing machine to wash school shoes..would be better..hehehe..btw..tag u...

  12. Even Samsung'a washing machine is good. came across something interesting on samsung washing machine silver 6.0 at


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