Monday, October 01, 2007

Malaysians Can Now Withdraw Money from Paypal

If you haven't heard the news yet, Malaysians Can Now Withdraw Money from Paypal!

Woohoo. This is indeed good news to all you many bloggers who have been blogging for money and have accumulated your mountain of wealth at paypal. Also good news to people like me who are doing some business on the internet and use paypal as a payment option.

Withdrawal is through a credit card or debit card that is Visa or Mastercard. Minimum withdrawal is US10 (they have a table of minimum withdrawals for different currencies). They charge USD5 for each withdrawal.

So, what you waiting for? Go get your money and then "belanja" me!


  1. you serious...since 1 withdrawal is USD 5, then must got a lot of money then only withdraw lor...if not not worth it...

  2. Chanelwong:
    Yes, build your mountain of wealth then withdraw. Some people probably have few hundreds or thousands in their account (not me lah). So USD5 is worth paying to actually be able to get that money out now.

  3. Wow..that's a good news. Thanks for sharing!! ;)

  4. eh? seriously????

  5. Really? Just got to know that paypal now covers Indonesia and Philippines and I was thinking why not Malaysia? Thanks for the info.

  6. Hahaha...I was thinking of the same thing too. Seems rather high eh to charge USD5 for each withdrawal. That's RM15 over! Thanks for sharing though :-)


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