Saturday, October 27, 2007

Keep Your Baby Busy With Mirror Play

If you haven't figured it out yet, kids LOVE playing with mirrors. For some reason, they just love to look at themselves. So, if you are cracking your head thinking how to occupy their time, give them some mirror time. Of course make sure you are there to supervise so they don't break the mirror. Or else secure the mirror so it doesn't fall. ALSO, give a firm and absolute order that they are NOT to touch the mirror. Look can, touch no. Still worried? You can try looking for a non-breakable mirror.

Besides making funny faces into the mirror, you could also artistically draw funny faces on the mirror. While looking at the mirror, use a dry-erase pen to add whiskers, dots, horns or whatever. Of course this would be more for kindergarten aged kids and above.

For babies, just let them have fun trying to figure out who the "other" baby is.


  1. That's what I did when they started crying. And they normally would stop crying and smile into the mirror.

  2. yes... this is very true, one of the household toy even for my toddler. I agree with Mamatang coz my gal also reacts the same way.
    I blogged about mirror with my gal too, so coincidently... :)

    here comes your tag!

  3. My lil girl would look at the mirror and smile. Must try your suggestion one day.

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  5. This is such a good one and can keep them happy for a long, long time. (well in baby terms, a long, long time)

    I am updating my page a bit and getting rid of some gadgets and HTMLs (refer to my most recent post) I am making a new list and posting a link to your site. I came here tonight to copy your exact URL and noticed you have me listed as "Kitterman's Khaos". I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much of a pain to ask you if you might change the name to the title of my blog. 'I Love You Too Much'? I am very new to all this and I am realizing now that perhaps I have about 2 too many AKAs. Some post my link as my blog title, some as 'gulfcoastmommy' and now some are using my comment handle. I fear it is too late to change my handle.
    If this is a big pain I understand, and a link is a link. I am just hoping to keep myself a little more recognizable.
    Thanks a bunch!! Kiss those babies!
    much luv ~ d

  6. haha yeah how true .. think its bcos they love themselves too much :)

  7. Good idea, Lilian thanks for sharing.

  8. it is a great way to let him learn about his face..also keep him busy busy

  9. yes.. I think so too.. mine will always stop crying (at least for awhile) when he sees himself in the mirror


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