Friday, October 05, 2007

Things Children Are Not Suppose To Learn

Children have a knack for learning things they are NOT suppose to learn or not required to learn. As you know I'm homeschooling the kids at the moment. K is starting school next year and I'm trying to give her a quick course in Bahasa Malaysia as she is enrolled in a Kebangsaan school. While she struggles to remember bahasa vocabulary, she certainly shows no problem remembering this:

Think you can handle that tongue twister. In case you didn't catch it, it goes like this:
"Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!"

Of course, then the younger one also influenced. He started with "Super Robot Monkey Team Hor Hor Go!" But after proper coaching from jie-jie, we now have this:

Mamas Bag of Tips:
1. Don't let them watch too much TV.
2. Familiarize yourselves with the cartoons they are watching
3. Read to them books so they will learn to love reading more than they love TV.
3. Try to learn their go-go songs, then go-go with them too. Sorry, mommy's go-go video has been censored. Plus, getting old so takes me longer to learn these go-go chants. Hahahah.


  1. Ya I used to watch this cartoon if my nephews at my house. Well hubby and me love catoon too. My hubby even wanna buy the whole set of Totoro series cartoon, it's a meaningful cartoon eg. No war, environmental friendly etc.

  2. Hi L--I agree TV should really be used with care. Reading seems to develop much greater skills, especially in language development.

    Thanks for sharing L (smile)!

  3. Vickylow:
    So you have a BIG boy in your house eh? I've not seen Totoro yet.

    Yes, reading definitely takes no.1 priority. I can tell it is the same with you.

  4. Lian,

    I agree with you. Reading is definitely better than TV but some TV programmes are very educational too.

  5. Nice tips. TV is indeed one of the sources of these bad influences if they spend too much time with it.

  6. Nowadays some cartoon can be quite bad influence also...

  7. Mine likes tongue twisters too. She loves the "She sells sea shell by the sea shore" & "Peter Piper pick a pack of pickled pepper"!! :)

  8. I agree. We can't just leave our kids in front of the television these days.

  9. Ya I also feel that Dillon has spent too much time on TV nowadays, I gotta do something before it's too late. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  10. A tag for you, Lian

  11. Agree with chanel, that some of the cartoons are not as good influence as previous. Especially those violence cartoons.

  12. Jo-N:
    When they were younger, it was just educational programs. But now that they are older, they've acquired the taste for "other" programs too. But I always drill into them that reading is a MUST.

    That's why parents must be aware of what they are watching.

    Not only nowadays. Even the times of bugs bunny and roadrunner.

    Hey, I used to like the Peter picked a pack of pickled peppers too.

    You are so right on this.

    Yes, must put limits and boundaries when they are still young and still listen to you :)

    Problem is once they get hooked on it, it is so difficult to stop them. Like my son now is a Power Ranger, Ninja Turtle, Ultraman fan. Aiyoh!


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