Friday, October 12, 2007

Play With Baby: Hide and Seek

Baby D is now 9 months old. If you have a baby that is similar in age (or even older) and you're wondering "what can I do to entertain baby?", well why not play Hide and Seek. In the video below, the two older kids are hiding inside their pillow fortress. Guess who comes calling?

It's really funny how baby just can't resist seeking us out. Sometimes, baby would wonder off somewhere and no amount of calling and coaxing will bring him back. The best way to get him to come back is for me to hide behind a pillow or whatever and he will come crawling back to seek me out. So now you know this lazy mother will try all sorts of things to NOT get off her butt. I really hate chasing my kids around. AND you know what? This worked with my eldest girl too when she was a baby.

Babies this age has acquired the understanding of object permanence. That means if you take something away, they know it still exists and will usually continue to seek it out. Unlike in the earlier months, when you take something away, they think it's gone and will move their attention to something else.

Another hide-and-seek game to play is by hiding objects (instead of people). I like to use something noisy like a rattle or keys. What I do is shake or jiggle the object in front of them and then suddenly hide it behind my back, under my leg, inside my shirt etc.... If baby is having a hard time locating the object, just give it a few shakes so baby can try to listen where the sound is coming from. It proves to be a good listening activity as well. And usually when I shake the object, I will make up a song or rhyme too.

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  1. I happen to be a life long lover of hide and seek and it is one of those games that you don't need a lot to get it going. It is actually something I can play with both my 4 and 1 year old so it is nice to have a game that can reach all age levels.


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