Friday, October 19, 2007

Slide Show Of The Kids

Just sharing a slideshow that I just created at


  1. saw your name in mother & baby november issue :)

    next time will ask you the tricks about playing golf, recently hubby just loves golf crazily :)

  2. You have 3 lovely kids. From photos brother and sister love each other very much.

  3. Oh my gosh your kids are cute! I love the slide show too, I haven't seen one like that. I will have to check out that site. I found your page on blogrush and thought I would stop by and give a lookie.
    congrats on such a beautiful family.
    much respect~d

  4. hi..glad to see u. I've got something from your own blog post.that's good for me.. a newbie and need more interaction with others.If you're not mind, feel happy to visit my blog..

    what do you think about my post? do you have any idea...

    thanks a lot :-)

  5. Huisia:
    Some people have asked me to write on golf tips but I'm a bit out of touch now.

    Thank you. Yes they are very loving but they also have their fights. Normal-lah.

    kitterman's khaos:
    Thanks. Looking forward to viewing your slide.

    Thanks for the info.


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